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Koperasi Suria Malaysia Berhad (B-6-0994) was established and incorporated on 13th October, 2011 with the aim of creating and nurturing a highly competitive Malaysian Indian society. The creation of KSMB was well received and supported with a generous seed-capital by YAB Prime Minister, Dato’ Sri Najib bin Tun Razak, to ensure the complete and effective participation of the Malaysian Indian community in the nation’s Economic Transformation Program (ETP). Koperasi Suria Malaysia Berhad effectively functions as the delivery and execution arm of the newly formed Indian Community ETP Unit that is led by YB Datuk Seri G. Palanivel. Koperasi Suria Malaysia Berhad will undertake this broad objective by providing micro-credit and facilitation services to urge spearhead the transformation and growth of small and medium businesses owned by Malaysian Indian entrepreneurs.

To date, Koperasi Suria Malaysia Berhad has championed several programs that are part of the overall national ETP. These are primarily the TUKAR program, which is focused on modernizing small retailers, and the ATOM program, which is the transformation of automotive workshops.

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Jan 26
One Stop Referral Centre during Thaipusam

KSMB including 20 other various agencies were asked to be part of the awareness programme organized by Prime Minister’s Office to serve as One Stop Referal Centre to feed information to Public during Thaipusam.

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